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2013 Top Ten Predictions

1. North Korea stages a Gangnam style demonstration with one million people that can be seen from space.

2. The Fiscal Cliff will be followed by a Cliff Huxtable, where politicians will have to wear ugly sweaters and rhapsodize about pudding.

3. It will be revealed that Apple’s gorilla glass is made by real gorillas.

4. To continue expansion, Facebook will reach an agreement with Ancestry.com to begin creating accounts for dead relatives. Instagram will add an oil painting filter.

5. Amazon will offer a rare collection of Philip K. Dick’s laundry and grocery lists on Kindle Fire only. The lists will be turned into movies. “Rye Bread And Cheese” will win an Oscar for special effects.

6. California will allow drivers to text, but only to really attractive people.

7. Texas will allow drivers to text but only if they use their handgun as a stylus.

8. Washington state will legalize marijuana. Wait, didn’t they already do that? Oh man…

9. J.K. Rowling will release a surprise book “Harry Potter Magically Pays Off His Student Loans.”

10. An asteroid will collide with earth but not before explaining it got the Mayan calendar wrong.

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Jan. 27, 2011 STC iPhone App WritersUA Welinske

On Thursday, January 27, 2011 in Santa Clara at the IHOP, the STC Silicon Valley chapter hosted WritersUA president Joe Welinske’s presentation “Development Techniques for User Assistance in SmartPhone Applications.”

More technical communicators are developing help content for smartphone apps everyday. Welinske talked about the basics of mobile applications for the Google Android, Apple iPhone/iPad and Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 platforms. The smaller screen size dictates what text is most effective on the interface. While this may seem constraining there is some good news. Since the content is delivered over the web in an app there is no app review process. It is not embedded and can be updated anytime without needing programming resources.

Welinske demonstrated interfaces from Apress, Quickoffice and Timewerks. The iPhone/iPad development environment uses Apple OSX Snow Leopard, iPhone SDK, Interface Builder, Objective-C and Webkit. The more complicated Android development environment uses Java, Eclipse project editor, multiple AVDs and UI text in files and text strings. The Windows Mobile 7 development environment uses Silverlight, firm hardware specs and Visual Studio. No matter what platform it is a good idea to brush up on your HTML.

I highly recommend seeing Welinske and other UA experts at the conference for User Assistance in Long Beach, California from March 13-16th. Additional information can be found at www.writersua.com.

Copyright 2011 DJ Cline All rights reserved.