Oct. 20, 2011 WCA THz, TV White Spaces, Energy Storage

On Thursday October 20, 2011 in Sunnyvale at Synopsys, WCA Wireless Futures SIG presented “New Frontiers: THz, TV White Spaces, Energy Storage.” John Notor of Notor Research moderated panelists Peter Ecclesine of Cisco Systems, Ali Niknejad of UC Berkeley & Berkeley Wireless Research Center and Benjamin Rolfe of Blind Creek & ElementEnergy.

Benjamin Rolfe, Blind Creek & ElementEnergy spoke about new innovations in energy storage and how it will affect the growth in mobile technology. I learned that one bad fuel cell can affect the performance of an entire battery pack.

Peter Ecclesine spoke about TV white spaces (TVWS). Government regulatory organizations from America, Canada, Britain and the EU are considering allowing unlicensed or lightly licensed use of otherwise empty TV channels. A national database must be created to manage it all.

Dr. Ali Niknejad spoke about his research in the frequency range of 300 GHz to 1 THz and the promise it holds for wireless technologies. It may be possible to develop wireless chip components for flexible paper like displays.

Copyright 2011 DJ Cline All rights reserved.

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