May 3, 2011 SDF Waste Management And Recycling

On May 3, 2011 in Menlo Park at Orrick, SDForum’s Green and Clean Evening Series presented “Waste Management and Recycling.” Greg Heibel of Orrick moderated panelists Nick Drobac of The Clean Oceans Project, Randy Hawks of Claremont Creek Ventures, Annie Hazelhurst of Draper Fisher, Haider Nazar of Verliant and Julie Rapoport of CalStar Products. Text from

More people means more waste and the challenges to deal with it. This meeting of emerging waste mitigation companies, socially responsible venture investment firms, non-profit environmental groups discussed building sustainable and environmentally compatible products for full life cycle of consumer waste management, treatment, recovery and containment. Opportunities exist in sorting and conversion of waste into energy and fuel needs. Flyash from coal burning plants can be made into bricks. A vending machine can recycle an old cell phone and pay you for it. Fishnets can have identifying fibers that can be traced back to the manufacturer. Dairy farms can recover methane for fuel.

In each case, entrepreneurs look for a steady supply of waste and the market for it. They do not build their business plans around constantly changing government policies that vary around the world.

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